Cañada College Students Invited To the Cannes Film Festival


Cañada Cannes

Cañada College students Ivy Woolridge, Elizabeth Birdwell and Victor Kolbe have been invited to present their films at the Cannes Film Festival in France -- the world’s largest and most prestigious film gathering! The films will be entered into the Short Film Corner at Cannes, where the students have the opportunity to be part of an educational program for rising film-makers.In addition, the film Heroism will also be featured on all Virgin America flights during February and March through Virgin America’s onboard entertainment system, “Red.”

About their films: 

Heroism, created by Ivy Woolridge and Elizabeth Birdwell, is an inspiring film about love, hope, community and supporting others.
PhotoCorpse, is a short film, by Victor Kolbe, about characters Bob and Bob, who face the many hardships of trying to get the printer to work.