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Samantha Scott, Accountant for the SF Giants CSM Alumna


Samantha Scott

One of the grittiest people you’ll ever meet, Samantha Scott started college at age 25 while married and working full-time. She knew she wanted to pursue a bachelor’s degree, but decided to go into the work force after high school graduation. She took a job as a receptionist for a local accounting firm. It was there where Samantha grew an appreciation for working with numbers.

When a manager had suggested it would be too difficult for Samantha to become a CPA, instead of being discouraged, Samantha used that comment to fuel her decision to go back to school. Working full time as a student takes a lot of perseverance. “As an adult student, I found that there weren’t as many resources for me, or people with the experience to help me understand things. Everything was geared towards 18-21 year olds. I started college at 25, I was married, working full-time. I want to be able to help other adult students by sharing my experience.”

Like a handful of our students, Samantha choose CSM because it was “convenient to my work and home, they offered the classes I needed, and were reasonably priced.” She did not have much time to participate in student clubs and campus activities; she had to rely on her own grit to navigate graduation requirements. The most important advice she can offer is to “Be your own advocate! Speak up if you don’t understand something and ask questions until you are confident in the answers.”

Despite some setbacks (like taking more classes than I needed, joining an incorrect cohort program), she graduated from CSM and transferred to Golden Gate University. She also recently landed her dream job — as a general ledger accountant for her beloved SF Giants (she’s been a fan since she was 12!)

Samantha will finish her bachelor’s degree in accounting this fall. Congratulations!