Online Fundraising Collaborations

Campus Raffles

Any department on campus that is conducting a raffle, must go through the Foundation in order to comply with California law and the state constitution. 
Please fill out the Fundraising Activities Notification Worksheet at least two months BEFORE you conduct the raffle. All raffles must be approved in advance by the Foundation. 
Fill out the form below once the raffle is completed.
Raffles can ONLY be conducted for charitable purposes. 90% of proceeds must be used for those charitable purposes (for example, if $100 is collected in ticket sales, $90 has to go to the charitable purpose, and $10 can be spent on raffle expenses).
All fields below must be filled out and your form must be submitted within a week after your raffle has been completed. 
Fill out my online form.


Please contact Brett Boston at with any raffle questions.