Innovators' Pledge

The San Mateo Community College District lies at the heart of innovation in America. As an entrepreneur, you can make a very special, personal, nonbinding pledge to support the District and the Foundation — with a gift that’s meaningful to you, when the time is right for you, to the school(s) and program(s) that matter to you. You control the amount, timing, and destination of your eventual gift.

The District Innovators’ Pledge is an opportunity for company founders, equity holders, or investors to make a non-binding commitment to give back to the District and the Foundation when they attain success. Anyone making the Innovators’ Pledge has full control over the timing, amount, and designation of their gift; support can be directed to any of the District’s colleges or programs and does not have to be determined until the gift is made. Making the Pledge is an easy, rewarding way to join a cohort of successful entrepreneurs who have signaled their support of the District in the earliest days of their business venture.

We’ll send you a pledge form to complete. When the timing is right for you – for example, after your company’s IPO, acquisition, or steady revenue growth – you contact us to arrange a gift of cash, or in some circumstances, stock. We will help your financial and tax advisors determine whether a gift of cash vs. stock is preferable for you. There is no minimum dollar amount for your contribution. Your gift should be personally significant, depending on your unique situation and goals for the impact you would like to have at the District. You may direct your gift to any of the District’s colleges or programs. Your gift could even help the District create an entirely new program.

Pledge now. Give when you can.

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Kathleen Harris ( will be happy to answer any additional questions you might have about the Innovators’ Pledge and/or how it might work with your unique, personal situation.