In Memory of Tom Mohr

Tom Mohr Memorial


Tom’s life was filled with family and friends who loved and cherished him and who he loved and supported. He was a mentor to countless teachers and educational professionals throughout the county, an advocate for equity, diversity, fairness, and social justice, and a man of deep integrity and compassion; he was a true humanitarian. Tom had unwavering principles in protecting and promoting the needs of underserved, disadvantaged, and marginalized people throughout the community and he never lost sight of the need to have tough conversations and make difficult decisions in order to do the right thing to help people.  Always a perpetual student, Tom was a voracious reader and consumer of information and he was learning until his last day. In those rare moments of quiet time, Tom enjoyed watching Cal football, hiking, exploring the coast, fishing, playing with his dog, connecting with friends and, of course, consuming any desserts or sweet foods that he could get his hands on.

Tom will be greatly missed by all who knew him at the Foundation and throughout the District.

Tom's obituary may be found here.