This Holiday Season We Thank Our Generous Corporate Donors


Allana Buick & Bers




This article is one in a series about some of our lead Golf Tournament donors. The Foundation had the opportunity to speak with these generous companies about their business successes, how they embrace philanthropy, and their histories with the District and the Foundation. 


Allana Buick & Bers (ABBAE) started as a small company in San Jose 32 years ago. Today, the company has grown to 200 employees across seven different states. Founder, CEO, and Senior Principal Karim Allana started the company in his late 20s, first as a quest for sustainable roofing, now with the goal of building sustainability. ABBAE is constantly striving to improve building life spans - lowering lifecycle costs and saving significant operating costs for businesses and individuals.

ABBAE’s relationship with the San Mateo County Community College District began 20 years ago when the College of San Mateo had a persistently leaky building that no other consultants could fix. Needless to say, ABBAE excelled! From there began the two-decade-long partnership and ABBAE has since helped the District with numerous projects across all three District campuses.

“We are grateful for being part of the District and to the incredible leadership,” says Karim Allana, founder, CEO, and senior principal of Allana Buick & Bers. “We are also thankful for all the work that we get to do here, all the facilities that are being built, and all the bond measures that have been passed to improve the quality of the facilities and the teachers. It’s wonderful to be part of this community.”

In alignment with their dedication to creating quality buildings, giving back to the community is an integral part of ABBAE’s business model. ABBAE contributes to the Housing Industry Foundation, which helps low-income tenants and owners avoid eviction. ABBAE employees have also volunteered on many projects for school districts, including building necessary structures for schools. On a personal level, Karim Allana is also committed to helping many causes in his community. “We must give back to the community” says Karim, “we want to see benefits go to the people that really need them. “When we give back, we improve the lives of real people who we know, and we touch them in ways that help immediately and make a lasting impact, which, in turn, helps our entire community.” (I think this is too much)

ABBAE has participated in the annual Foundation Golf Tournament since 2013. Karim sees the Golf Tournament as a way to give back to the District and students in need. “Over the years, I have come to value attending the Tournament as a way to meet with other wonderful people who are contributing to the District and as a way to make my own personal contribution to this great cause. It’s a fun way to give back.”

Karim Allana and ABBAE will continue in their quest to make building even more reliable. “I hope the District continues to enjoy the work that we do as we further our goals in sustainability.” 


For more information about the SMCCC Foundation's Golf Tournament, contact Dafna Kapshud.